The Stair Society: Scotland’s Legal History Society

Another Fifteenth-Century Case

Alan Borthwick and Hector MacQueen


Sometime between 8 May and 1 June 1465, Simon Dalgleish, the precentor and official general of the diocese of Glasgow, acting at the instance of Master Robert Hamilton, chancellor ofGlasgow and procurator of James Hamilton ofCambuskeith, affixed to the doors of his cathedral church a citation by way of a public edict summoning all parties having interest to hear and see the transumption of a set of documents relating to a dispute over lands in Lanarkshire. The transumpt would have the authority of the official’s court interponed.’ On 1 June, Master Hamilton produced the three documents in question before the court.


Miscellany VII (Stair Society 62)


Published 2015


pp. 133-162


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