The Stair Society: Scotland’s Legal History Society

Hume’s Lectures - Supplemental Material to Stair Society Volumes

The Stair Society published between 1939 and 1958 six volumes of Baron David Hume’s Lectures on Scots Law, as given in the University of Edinburgh by Hume as Professor of Scots Law between 1786 and 1822.

The editor, Dr G C H Paton, took as his basic text for publication the lectures as given in Hume’s last session, and accordingly omitted material which his other MS sources showed to have been included in the lectures in earlier sessions. Dr Paton did however have this omitted material typed up and bound in copies which he deposited in the university libraries of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and St Andrews. He also added an apparatus of notes as in the published edition.

This supplement is now reproduced here, in un-edited form. The Society plans full publication in a further volume in due course, which will also include a full introduction re-assessing Hume’s contribution to Scots law.