The Stair Society: Scotland’s Legal History Society

Miscellany Three by Various Authors

Stair Society Volume 39

Preface: Gordon Donaldson

‘James Anderson’s Historical Essay on the Crown of Scotland: Introduction’ – William Ferguson

‘An Historical Essay, Shewing that the Crown and Kingdon of Scotland, is Imperial, and Independent’ – James Anderson

‘John Spotswood, Professor of Law: A Preliminary Sketch’ – John W Cairns

‘Lord George Douglas (1667/1668?-1693?) and His Library’ – William A Kelly

‘Stair’s Later Reputation as a Jurist: The Contribution of William Forbes’ – Hector L MacQueen

‘A Sixteenth Century Legal Opinion’ – edited, with an introduction by David B Smith

‘A Memorial and Opinion of 1762 Given by Robert McQueen, Later Lord Braxfield’ – edited, with an introduction by Angus Stewart

‘Regulation of Agriculture in Seventeenth Century Kintyre’ – A I B Stewart

Edited by Professor W M Gordon with a Preface by Professor Emeritus Gordon Donaldson, H M Historiographer in Scotland

Published 1992

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