The Stair Society: Scotland’s Legal History Society

Miscellany Two by Various Authors

Stair Society Volume 35

Preface – Ian H Shearer

‘Courtesy, Battle and the Brieve of Right, 1368: A Story Continued’ – David Sellar

‘Problems of Sovereignty and Law in Orkney and Shetland’ – Gordon Donaldson

‘The Statutes of Ettrick Forest, 1499’ – John M Gilbert

‘Jurisdiction in Heritage and teh Lords of Council and Session after 1532′ – Hector L MacQueen

”Discours Particulier d’Escosse, 1559/60’ – edited with an introduction by Peter G B McNeill

‘A Gaelic Contract of Lease, c. 1603 x 1616’ – Ronald Black

‘The Commissary Court of Aberdeen in 1650’ – David Stevenson

‘The Life and Career of John Snell (c. 1629-1679)’ – Lionel Stones

‘The Memorials of Haggart and H M Advocate v Hogg and Soutar, 1738′ – edited with an introduction and commentary by Bernard S Jackson

”The Electoral System in the Scottish Counties before 1832’ – William Ferguson

‘”A Man of No Common Stamp”: Sir William Gibson Craig of Riccarton, Lord Clerk Register of Scotland’ – Margaret D Young

Edited by David Sellar, BA, LLB, Department of Scots Law, University of Edinburgh, with a Preface by the Rt Hon Lord Avonside

Published 1984

All volumes are available from the Avizandum Law Bookshop