The Stair Society: Scotland’s Legal History Society

An Introductory Survey of the Sources and Literature of Scots Law

Stair Society Volume 1

Part I. Native Sources

‘The Statutory Law’ – The Rt Hon Lord Thankerton

‘Early Records of Council and Session, 1466-1659’  – R K Hannay

‘Practicks, 1469-1700’ – Hector McKechnie

‘Printed Law Reports 1540-1935’ – James S Leadbetter

‘Institutional Writers, 1600-1828’ – A C Black

‘Regiam Majestatem and the Auld Lawes’- T M Cooper

‘Privy Council Records 1545-1707’ – W K Dickson

‘Financial and Administrative Records, 1264-1724’ – J A Inglis

‘Burgh Court Records, 1319-1834’ – David Robertson

‘Sheriff and Other Local Court Records, 1385-1935’ – C A Malcolm

‘Courts of the Officials and the Commissary Courts, 1512-1830’- F P Walton

‘Presbyterian Court Records, 1560-1935’- Francis J Grant

‘Custom’ – The Hon Lord St Vigeans

Part II. Non-Native Sources

‘Roman Law’- David Baird Smith

‘Canon Law’ – David Baird Smith

‘Feudal Law’ – John Givarn

‘The Influence of English Law’- E J MacGillivray

‘French and Dutch Influences’ – John C Gardner

‘The Influence of the Law of Moses’ – John C Gardner

‘The Law Merchant’- The Rt Hon Lord Murray

‘The Law of Nature’- The Hon Lord Wark

Part III. Indirect Sources

‘Charters, Cartularies and Deeds, 1094-1700’ – William Angus

‘Vatican Archives, 1073-1560’- Annie I Cameron

‘Brocards’ – The Rt Hon Lord Alness

‘Notarial Protocol Books, 1469-1700’ – William Angus

‘Style Books’ – E M Wedderburn

‘Scottish Legal Periodicals, 1829-1935’ – James C Brown

Part IV. Special Subjects

‘Admiralty and Maritime Law’- A R G McMillan

‘Celtic Law’ – John Cameron

‘Constitutional Law and History’ – J R Philip

‘Criminal Law’ – Stair A Gillon

‘Heraldic Law’ – Thomas Innes

‘Judicial Administration in Session and Justiciary’ – R K Hannay

‘Law of Nations’ – William Wilson

‘Peerage Law’- Thomas Innes,

‘Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law’- S G Kermack

‘Udal Law’ – Wm Jardine Dobie

‘Allodial Law’ – Wm Jardine Dobie

By various authors, with an introduction by the Rt Hon Lord Macmillan, PC, LLD, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary

Published 1936

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