The Stair Society: Scotland’s Legal History Society

The Consistorial Decisions of the Commissaries of Edinburgh 1564 to 1576/7

Stair Society Volume 61

In this volume, Dr Green presents decisions of the Commissary Court in Edinburgh concerned with marriage at a time when the Protestant Reformation meant that spiritual jurisdiction over such matters was unclear. Green describes the situation in his Introduction which also includes brief biographies of the first four Commissioners: James Balfour. Edward Henryson, Clement Litill, and Robert Maitland.

Dr Green introduces each of his selected transcribed decisions and puts them into context. Comprehensive notes and indexing identify the individuals involved in the cases making this an invaluable resource for social historians and genealogists as well as legal historians.

Edited by Thomas M. Green, PhD, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Published 2014

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