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The Legal Papers of James Boswell: Volume 1

Stair Society Volume 60

This volume is an annotated edition of manuscript and printed legal papers drafted or dictated by the famous literary figure James Boswell in cases in which he first became involved as an advocate during the period from 29 July 1766 to 11 November 1767.

Papers drafted by Boswell in those cases after that period are also included, even if much later. Appendix I contains that part of Boswell’s Consultation Book covering the same period. The Consultation Book is an invaluable record of Boswell’s activities as an advocate during his first six years at the Bar.

James Boswell is best known as a biographer and diarist whose writings have shaped our views of eighteenth century life. Less well-known are the many legal papers Boswell wrote as an advocate. Advocates of Boswell’s generation submitted their pleadings in writing. This first volume of his legal papers, edited by Hugh M. Milne, covers the first year of Boswell’s legal career. This, the Stair Society’s 60th volume, will be of interest not just to legal historians but also lawyers, historians, and Boswellians.

Edited by Hugh M. Milne

Published 2013

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